Donald Moffett

Donald Moffett is a New York–based artist known for working across artistic categories and media on carefully produced, thoughtfully considered, and visually stunning works that serve as means to often political or social ends. For Tuesday Evenings, he presents the compelling works of a career spanning more than two decades. A founding member of Gran Fury, a 1980s AIDS activist collective, Moffett creates abstract paintings, often with sculptural elements and as part of installations complete with aptly chosen music and projections, that manipulate the history and conventions of painting to address political and social issues of the day. In 2007, Dan Fox wrote for frieze magazine, “for Moffett, painting is used as a kind of aesthetic compressor concentrating the very real concerns and complexities of identity politics and human sexuality into a hard-hitting, high-tension visual experience.” Moffett’s practice has also been described as “using the unlikely choice of abstract painting to ruminate on death, desire, power, and scandal.”

Tuesday Evenings