Hans Butzer, AIA

The purpose for our architecture, as with the National Memorial, is always to offer a z-axis for one’s individual and social identity in time, and a sense of hope for our natural environment and community. BAU Butzer Architects and Urbanism

Architect and director of the University of Oklahoma College of Architecture Hans Butzer, AIA, in conjunction with Fort Worth AIA’s 2018 Design Awards, presents “Architecture Is a Social Act.”

Together with his wife and partner, Torrey, Hans Butzer is best known as the co-designer of the internationally acclaimed Oklahoma City National Memorial. The core intent of Butzer’s work is to foster community through architectural and urban space. The American Institute of Architects notes in their announcement of Butzer’s 2016 AIA Thomas Jefferson Award, “Butzer’s impact on Oklahoma City is profound, having designed the Oklahoma City National Memorial, and other landmark projects in his city like the Oklahoma City Skydance Bridge. Butzer is a gifted and accomplished architect who has built his career in Oklahoma City by dedicating himself to improving the built landscape and enriching the fundamental civic dignity of the city. He is a true citizen architect: a practitioner and educator that demonstrates throughout his work that architecture can enhance communities and cities.”  

A video recording of this lectures will be available on the Modern's Youtube.

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