Iva Kinnaird in conversation with Shelby David Meier

Both artists have what I call, at close range, “real artist” DNA. This means they make unexpected and very clever connections and juxtapositions—the kind the average human does not—that shows up in their work somewhere along a spectrum of abject and sublime. Christina Rees, review of Shelby David Meier & Iva Kinnaird: Make Time, Glasstire, October 9, 2016

Houston-based multimedia and performance artist Iva Kinnaird is in conversation with Dallas artist Shelby David Meier, whose multifarious work reflects an interest in the “mundane.” Meier and Kinnaird share a comedic intelligence. They collaborated on Shelby David Meier & Iva Kinnaird: Make Time at Texas Woman’s University in 2016, and both have the distinction, among others, of showing individually at Culture Hole in Dallas.

Betsy Huete wrote for Glasstire: “Kinnaird understands the importance of sincerity and has a unique ability to infuse that sincerity and genuine humor with the dismissive irony that drives the work.” Meier’s artist bio notes, “His array of work may or may not be a search for sincerity and authenticity within irony, manifested in physical procrastinations/objects.” For Tuesday Evenings, Shelby David Meier and Iva Kinnaird come together to share ideas such as these in a presentation of one sort or another.

A video recording of this lectures will be available on the Modern's Youtube.

Tuesday Evenings