Jenny Holzer

Jenny Holzer is internationally recognized for her daring approach to Public Art and her dramatic site-specific installations in galleries and museums. Since the mid-1970s, Holzer has used language as her primary means of expression, delivering various statements and stories through a wide range of media. Beginning with inexpensively printed posters, Holzer's art has steadily evolved in sophistication, expanding into a lexicon that includes advertising billboards, radio, television, clothing, and the medium she is most associated with-the electronic sign. Many will be familiar with Holzer's well-known Truisms: PROTECT ME FROM WHAT I WANT, MONEY CREATES TASTE, YOUR OLDEST FEARS ARE YOUR WORST ONES, LACK OF CHARISMA CAN BE FATAL.

In December, the Museum will unveil a major new installation by Holzer that will include long channels of lighted text running through the central, clerestory gallery looking out onto the pond. The artist will talk about this new installation, as well as how her work has developed over her distinguished career.

Tuesday Evenings