Jonathan Marshall

Making things is a process by which to explore a universe out of reach, from within the limitations of our finite form. Jonathan Marshall

Austin-based artist Jonathan Marshall investigates historical perspectives and how they relate to a sense of place, conveying his commitment to making and sharing ideas as a means of declaring one’s presence on this planet at this time, what he sees as the thread that has connected the ancient language of art since its inception.

Marshall’s Tuesday Evenings presentation, titled “WAS HERE,” is framed by a few probing questions concerning the relationship of the individual to a larger whole, resilience and limitations, and the necessity of systems within the bigger scheme of things. The press release for his recent solo exhibition by the same title, at GRIMM gallery in New York, explains that “hand-making images that organize and convey information is the manner by which Jonathan Marshall reflects on this big picture.” As is crucial to his own practice, Marshall incorporates other artists, survivors, adventurers, and great craftspeople into his presentation while ruminating on making in relationship to broader concerns of the life and use of objects in the world.

A video recording of this lectures will be available on the Modern's Youtube.

Tuesday Evenings