Jonathan Schipper

Jonathan Schipper is a New York–based artist known for large-scale, self-destructing works. Perhaps best known for Slow Inevitable Death of American Muscle,the imperceptibly slow crashing together of two full-sized automobiles over a period of six days that simulates a head-on collision, Schipper is a keen critic of our fast-paced, heedless existence. His methodical deconstruction, and sometimes reconstruction, of daily experience brings our otherwise oblivious existence into sharp focus. This time-based work elongates and amplifies the split second that we continuously overlook, reminding us of a physical engagement that requires our presence, our awareness.

For this Tuesday Evenings presentation, Schipper shares his ideas and methods for producing what he has noted as “objects that wrap themselves around your gut, take hold of your imagination and move you towards new locations and thoughts,” anticipating his solo exhibition that opens March 28 at Fort Worth Contemporary Art of TCU Art Galleries.

A video recording of this lectures is available on the Modern's Youtube channel.

Tuesday Evenings