Linda Ridgway

At the root of Ridgway’s work is her study of lines. She is fascinated by the simplicity of groves, and the way edges structurally assemble. Press release for Linda Ridgway: A Story and the Poet, Berggruen Gallery, July 28–August 27, 2022

Linda Ridgway shares stories and observations from a long and productive career as an artist predominantly based in Dallas. Ridgway’s elegant and seemingly fragile sculpture Three Squares, 2001, was gifted to the Modern upon the opening of the Tadao Ando–designed building in 2002. The delicate line of the bronze grapevine root works in unison with its shadow and represents the artist’s longtime fascination with the element of line, both formally and conceptually, evident most recently in the exhibition Linda Ridgway: A Story and the Poet at the Berggruen Gallery in San Francisco.

For this Tuesday Evenings presentation, titled “A Story and the Poet: Line by Line,” Ridgway ties together concepts, passions, and their sources within her evolving approach to artmaking.

Tuesday Evenings