Lindsay Starr and Daedelus Hoffman

We practice on the fringes where it’s DIY or die. Lindsay Starr and Daedelus Hoffman

Lindsay Starr and Daedelus Hoffman are creatives collaborating from their home base of San Antonio on an ever-growing and ambitious array of projects that seem to all function within the realm of art. For this Tuesday Evenings presentation, “Dispatches from the Fringe of Experience,” Starr and Hoffman present three dispatches from each of their interrelated practices: Last Words (Cattywampus Press), Backdoor Biennial (Dirty Dark Place), and Bush League (BUXTOOF). Each of these projects highlights the expanse of their artistic activities and practice. As the two explain, “We find a way to experience, research and make, sending back dispatches in the form of publications, art, film and experiences. Cattywampus Press is a publisher of books, goods, and other types of publications and sharable media. Dirty Dark Place programs experiences for all to enjoy at no cost, usually in unexpected places. BUXTOOF is a collaborative, ever-changing arts collective that investigates and critiques contemporary American populism and culture.”

Lindsay Starr and Daedelus Hoffman cofounded Cattywampus Press and Dirty Dark Place. For Cattywampus Press, Starr is Creative Director and Hoffman is Editorial Director; for Dirty Dark Place, Starr is Creative Director and Hoffman is Curatorial Director. Cattywampus Press is a project-based independent publisher concerned with the development, production, and dissemination of short-run books and goods by and about artists who live and/or work in the American South. Dirty Dark Place is a nomadic curatorial endeavor, producing public-facing events and exhibitions that challenge the structures and strictures of contemporary art patronage. BUXTOOF is a project-based artist collective dedicated to disrupting the traditional structures and strictures of exhibiting contemporary art and challenging the capitalist impulses embedded in the so-called art market. Hoffman explains that it is “an experiment in community as we use place and context as a means to expand and provoke audiences as well as incite and enrich artist and their practices.”

A video recording of this lectures will be available on the Modern's Youtube.

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