Tamara Johnson and Trey Burns

Regarding the impermanent object — this is a concept we are constantly thinking and shaping with each exhibition. Sweet Pass functions differently than traditional public art spaces which are often large-scale, permanent, and funded by allocated government construction budgets. Our goal is to give value to the idea of impermanence, temporality, and non-monumentality. Tamara Johnson and Trey Burns, November 11, 2019, interview with Colette Copeland for Glasstire

Tamara Johnson and Trey Burns, as individual artists and as a creative couple, have been an important addition to the Dallas–Fort Worth art community since arriving in 2018. For Tuesday Evenings, they present “Working Landscape,” discussing their individual studio practices and the origins of their Sweet Pass Sculpture Park project, a joint endeavor since 2018, alongside their evolving relationship to the North Texas landscape. Join us for an evening of inspiration as Burns and Johnson share how they keep a sense of hope and humor about the future of contemporary art and how creating alternative spaces for artists is more important than ever.

Tamara Johnson and Trey Burns are artists, educators, and co-founders of Sweet Pass Sculpture Park in Dallas, Texas. Envisioned as a permanent space for temporary projects, Sweet Pass Sculpture Park is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization that provides space and support for experimental and large-scale outdoor projects by a diverse set of contemporary voices. They received a Nasher Microgrant, an NEA grant in conjunction with Wassaic Projects in New York, and grants from the City of Dallas Office of Arts & Culture in 2021 and 2022 for their alternative education program Sweet Pass Sculpture School. 

Tuesday Evenings