Teresa Hubbard / Alexander Birchler

This captivating installation by Hubbard & Birchler, which supports an impossible dialogue between an elderly son and his young mother, is an impressive example of how “rephrasing” and “rewriting” histories can carry an emotional impact. Claire Walsh, “Notes from Venice,” MAP, August 4, 2017

Teresa Hubbard / Alexander Birchler, an artist couple based in Austin and Berlin, have been working collaboratively in film, photography, and sculpture since 1990. Their suggestive work invites open-ended reflections on place and cinema and, as stated by Jordan Amirkhani in Daily Serving, is “propelled by the artists’ fascination with the open circuits of social life, memory, and history that sit just outside the frame of moving images.”

For Tuesday Evenings, Hubbard / Birchler discuss Grand Paris Texas, the 2008 video piece commissioned by the Modern and described by Jeffrey Kastner for Artforum as interweaving “the physical and social space of a dead cinema, a forgotten song and the inhabitants of a small town,” in relation to their most recent works, Flora and Bust, featured in the Swiss Pavilion of the 57th Venice Biennale for the exhibition Women of Venice, curated by Philipp Kaiser.

Tuesday Evenings