Katherine Bradford

Bradford’s figures are all generically human yet singular in their execution, as if they tripped out of the brush and landed in unpredictable ways. As a fulcrum to build and drive her storylines, she uses the goofy little things that paint and accidental shapes can do. And hidden in her cavalier brushwork are wise and focused decisions.

Michael Frank Blair, “Katherine Bradford at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth,” Glasstire, December 9, 2017

Katherine Bradford, a Brooklyn-based artist recognized for her historically informed and intuitively painted canvases, was featured in the Modern’s FOCUS: Katherine Bradford, fall of 2017. As Modern curator Alison Hearst explains in the exhibition publication, “Katherine Bradford is known for her vibrant palette and eccentric compositions. Often built up over months and sometimes years, Bradford’s paintings are textured, semi-transparent coats of acrylic paint, with hints of pentimenti exposed in the finished surface. Her recent works revisit several of her favored motifs, such as ships and swimmers — traditional and enduring subjects seen throughout art history.”

In this Tuesday Evenings presentation, Bradford is back to share insights into the paintings featured in her FOCUS exhibition, as well as other works and the enduring path of her practice as a devoted painter and longtime member of the New York art community.

A video recording of this lectures will be available on the Modern's Youtube.

Tuesday Evenings