School Repeat Visit Programs

Teens in art gallery

For the Modern’s education programs “Writing to Look” and “Gallery and Studio Connections,” students from six middle schools and six high schools visit the Museum three times during the school year. Each visit provides a deeper understanding of a special exhibition or selected works from the permanent collection, and local artists and writers design unique projects to encourage critical thinking skills about the artwork encountered. The repeat visit format gives students the opportunity to become familiar with the Modern and its exhibitions, gaining both confidence and knowledge in dealing with modern and contemporary art. 

In “Writing to Look,” selected middle school students tour the exhibitions on view and engage in writing activities in the galleries. Designed and taught by guest artists or art writers, the projects help students connect with the artwork. 

“Gallery and Studio Connections” invites selected high school students to explore the art in the galleries and respond through activities in the studio designed by local artists. The program seeks to expand participants’ visual vocabulary and knowledge of a variety of artmaking practices. 

With these programs, the Modern aims to foster long-term relationships for participating students and educators. The repeat visit programs are invitation-based, and all slots are committed for the current school year. If you are an area educator interested in learning more about these programs and how you and your students can participate, call 817.840.2141 or contact the Education Department here.