Then as now, I refuse to let go of the idea that to embark on even the most common encounter with art . . . is to think freely about social life, ideally to talk freely, and to summon a human disposition for speech, for disagreement and otherness that is part of aesthetic experience.   Rhea Anastas, “Being Opposite,” Tuesday Evenings at the Modern, March 21, 2017


The key Public Movement strategy has to do with the concept that politics exist inside of our bodies as an often dormant knowledge.” Alhena Katsof


The more important issue is, how do we create in our culture forms of chaos that are actually productive?  - Adam Lerner




Roberto de Leon and Ross Primmer take a native approach with their practice—no matter the location.
David Sokol, “Locally Sourced,” Cultured Magazine, June/July 2015

Roberto de Leon, FAIA, LEED AP, is partner and co-founder of de Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop (DPAW), based in Louisville, Kentucky. De Leon was at the Modern for Tuesday Evenings in conjunction with the Fort Worth AIA 2016 Design Awards, for which he was the lead juror.


Ryan McGinness' approach to art and the art world is sardonic yet earnest, a mature version of the rebellious ethos that defined his youth in 90s skate culture. He’s soft-spoken and very tall, a gentle giant from Virgina Beach, long and far away from his current space on the top floor of a six-story former factory in New York's Chinatown.


Benjamin Merris, Maximalism: Phase ll, Being There, performance

Merris’ sensibility is as organic and fluid as it is rigorous, as filled with wonder as it is informed by a sense of scientific reason, and it consistently navigates between such positions, seeing them not as oppositional, but naturally and intimately connected. Dean Daderko, 2014


Dr. Eric Kandel, MD, visits the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth


Tom Sachs at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth


Though we experiment, explore and attempt to make a profit, our most valuable gain is knowledge.                                     
A Space Program,
created by Tom Sachs, directed by Van Neistat, Zeitgeist Films


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