Documentary Books & Pigment Transfers
Posted by TAP on April 6, 2011 - 3:07am

April 3: Documentary Book & the beginnings of the Narrative Project

Today is our first day with artist David Willburn! For the next several classes we will be  encouraged to consider how narrative can be developed through the use of real and fictional imagery. We will use works by Ed Ruscha as inspiration as we develop a series of pigment transfer images that, when displayed together, will suggest a narrative project about travel. We will use handmade sketchbooks to document our journey throughout this course. This "document book" will serve as a companion to the pigment transfers.

Pigment Transfers: At the end of class David demonstrated the pigment transfer process brought to light by Hollis Brown Thornton. For step by step instructions click HERE.

Examples of Pigment Transfers:

Hollis Brown Thornton, The View of the Other World,  2010

Hollis Brown Thornton, Secrets of the Sea , 2010

Hollis Brown Thornton, The Origin of Life on Earth, 2008

HOMEWORK for the NEXT CLASS: Bring photographs of your journey to and from a place you typically travel. These images should be influenced by our conversations about travel, narrative and journey in conjunction with "Ed Ruscha: Road Tested".  

Here are examples from David - traveling to the musem:

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