Teen/Artist Project

TAP Students in the galleries

The Modern’s Teen/Artist Project is an ongoing program in which the Museum partners with regional and national artists to expand the art practice and knowledge of young, aspiring student artists. The program accepts 15 high school students, selected through a portfolio and application process, for an eight-month course that meets three hours each Sunday at the Modern. An important objective of TAP is for participants, both students and visiting artists, to develop a personal and meaningful relationship with the Modern and its holdings through close and continuous investigations.

Visiting artists work with the Modern Education Department to design relevant and challenging seminars spanning one to four weeks. These artist-run workshops generally consist of transdisciplinary conversations within the museum galleries and corresponding projects in the museum’s studio. The Modern strives to fully collaborate with each visiting artist to achieve the most effective programming, including an occasional offsite project or visit. With every TAP season, students glean rich insights into the ideas and practices of the makers and thinkers they’ve had the opportunity to work with as well as developing their own attitudes and impulses within the field of contemporary art.

This program is as demanding as it is rewarding. Students are required to make a firm commitment to attend class regularly, participate in class discussions and group projects, and ultimately contribute work/projects for the TAP exhibition/catalogue at the close of each season.

2023-2024 TAP Application
Deadline August 25, 2023

2022-2023 Student Roster

Ana Aguiniga / O.D. Wyatt
Olivia Archie / Arlington Heights High School
Rainen Bailey / I.M. Terrell Academy
Sarah Carter / I.M. Terrell Academy
Peyton Curtis / Boswell High School
Sevie Eagon / I.M. Terrell Academy
Isabella Jackson / I.M. Terrell Academy
Rei Jaquez / I.M. Terrell Academy
Navaeh Johnson / I.M. Terrell Academy
Elliot Kinney / Homeschool
Elise Ledford / I.M. Terrell Academy
Eve Kroh / Arlington Heights High School
Lucia Payton / I.M. Terrell Academy
Emma Sanchez / Arlington Heights High School
Keiko Sanchez / I.M. Terrell Academy
Stratton Whitworth / Paschal High School
Ilan Wright / I.M. Terrell Academy
Trystan Young / I.M. Terrell Academy