Videos by and about Chris Burden

Jun 18, 2019 - Jun 18, 2019

In 1971, Chris Burden disappeared for three days without a trace. That work, entitled Disappearing, gives its name to this exhibition, which examines the theme of disappearance in the works of Burden and his contemporaries in 1970s Southern California, Bas Jan Ader and Jack Goldstein. Philipp Kaiser, Disappearing — California, c. 1970: Bas Jan Ader, Chris Burden, Jack Goldstein

The Wild Bunch

Jun 25, 2019 - Jun 25, 2019

[Peckinpah] got so wound up in the aesthetics of violence that what had begun as a realistic treatment — a deglamorization of warfare that would show how horribly gruesome killing really is — became instead an almost abstract fantasy about violence. Pauline Kael, New Yorker, April 4, 2016

Point Blank

Jul 02, 2019 - Jul 02, 2019

What makes Point Blank so extraordinary, however, is not its departures from genre conventions, but Boorman’s virtuoso use of such unconventional avant-garde stylistics to saturate the proceedings with a classical noir mood of existential torpor and romanticized fatalism. Nick Schager, Slant, July 24, 2003


Jul 09, 2019 - Jul 09, 2019

What Cassavetes has done is astonishing. He has made a film that tenderly, honestly and uncompromisingly examines the way we really live. Roger Ebert, December 19, 1968


Jul 16, 2019 - Jul 16, 2019

The synchronous disappearances of Ader, Burden, and Goldstein have been given various justifications: the desire for the dematerialization of (art-) object and (artist-) subject inherent to conceptualism; the omnipresence of death in the context of the Vietnam War; the temptation of magic’s sleight of hand; and a fascination with the morbid and the sublime. Philipp Kaiser, Disappearance — California, c. 1970: Bas Jan Ader, Chris Burden, Jack Goldstein,

Films and videos by Bruce Nauman

Jul 23, 2019 - Jul 23, 2019

You have the repeated action, and at the same time, over a long period of time you have mistakes or at least chance, changes, and you get tired and all kinds of things happen, so there’s a certain tension that you can exploit once you begin to understand how those things function. And a lot of the videotapes were about that.  Bruce Nauman, quoted in How Did New York Change Bruce Nauman? Looking Back on a Radical Period in the Artist's Career, Artspace magazine, August 3, 2015

Film and video works from John Baldessari, Vito Acconci, and William Wegman

Jul 30, 2019 - Jul 30, 2019

In an ironic intersection of two systems — arcane theoretical discourse and popular music — Baldessari sings a tract by Minimalist artist Sol LeWitt. Introducing this performance by noting that "these sentences have been hidden too long in exhibition catalogues," Baldessari sings Lewitt's forty-five-point tract on Conceptual Art to the tunes of The Star-Spangled Banner and Heaven, among other songs. Baldessari's witty "art aria" functions as a meta-conceptual exercise.  Electronic Art Intermix