Sounds from the Strange Forest (soft control)

Living Japanese composers navigate similar tensions to those found in Murakami’s artwork: the dangers and delights of both the natural and technological worlds, the reconciliation of tradition with the global marketplace, and the struggle to preserve the unique sensibility of Japanese culture within a modern context. From Joji Yuasa’s pioneering electronic sounds to the cultural challenges of Ken Ueno’s work, Sounds Modern will present a diverse selection of recent Japanese music that sheds light on the context of Murakami’s work.

Sounds Modern Listening In(ward)

Have you ever overheard the private thoughts of a stranger? In this concert, Sounds Modern will present music that projects inward experience out loud. Much as Ron Mueck’s lifelike and detailed sculptures invite their viewers into the psychological experiences of the figures, music of California visionary James Tenney and other innovative composers will invite the audience to listen in(ward) to intimate meditations and conversations.

Sounds Modern Celebrates 10 Years!

The most up-to-the-minute and least predictable concert music series in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Sounds Modern celebrates its tenth anniversary with an event on Saturday, December 16 at 2 pm in the Modern's auditorium. Concerts in the series explore the links between contemporary music and visual arts, connecting thematically to exhibitions at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (and other contemporary art venues).

Electric EARth: Music to Celebrate the Art of Doug Aitken

Sounds Modern presents Electric EARth: music to celebrate the art of Doug Aitken, in the auditorium at the Modern on Saturday, June 10 at 2 pm. Sounds Modern celebrates the multiple, shifting, and technically mediated perspectives of Aitken’s art with music by Crumb, Cage, Xenakis, and others that places the listener in a variety of imaginary worlds. From the deep ocean to the center of a charcoal fire, travel with us deep inside the sound worlds of the Electric EARth.

Admissions is free to the public.

Sounds Modern: Stellar Sounds

Sounds Modern presents Stellar Sounds
May 21; 2 pm 
Artist Frank Stella took great inspiration in the life and work of Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757). Sounds Modern takes its inspiration from modern composers inspired by Scarlatti (and/or Stella).
This program includes works by Franco Donatoni, Salvatore Sciarrino, Aldo Clementi, and Javier Jacinto, among others.
Admission is free and open to the public.

Sounds Modern Presents How Far to 14th?

Sounds Modern

Sounds Modern, the brainchild of modern music guru Elizabeth McNutt, is a vibrant and exciting concert series featuring contemporary music that makes the works on display in the Modern’s galleries come to life in the concert hall. McNutt is the director of the University of North Texas contemporary music ensemble Nova and co-director of the new music organization Atomic Clock Music Events. Admission is free

Saturday, December 13, 2 pm—How Far to 14th?

Framing Desire in Music

Sounds Modern presents Framing Desire in Music, a concert of recent works in which composers express their longing, sentimental and magical, for an unattainable and distant reality. The program includes works that celebrate particular people and places – and especially beloved pieces of music that composers refer to (even incorporate), reframing them much as photographs and video reframe and reinforce elements of the visual world.