Casey Leone Untitled II (A Systematic Removal of Monuments of Oppression from American Visual History) 2017-2018

Casey Leone, Untitled II (A Systematic Removal of Monuments of Oppression from American Visual History), 2017-2018 for MODERN BILLINGS


Using space from Clear Channel Outdoor as programming sites, Assistant Curators of Education Jesse Morgan Barnett and Tiffany Wolf Smith work with visiting artists to situate imagery and text onto billboards, elements of the urban landscape that traditionally present commercial advertisements rather than cultural curiosities. For MODERN BILLINGS, artists place works, three times per year, into under-served communities along the periphery of downtown Fort Worth.

By featuring works from a variety of artists along Jacksboro Highway and the Lancaster corridor in Fort Worth, MODERN BILLINGS extends the reach of the Modern and the Education Department into new communities. The large-scale installations provide an intervention opportunity for contemporary art in urban landscapes while offering a public exhibition platform for under-recognized artists.


In conjunction with Disappearing—California, c. 1970: Bas Jan Ader, Chris Burden, Jack Goldstein (May 10–August 11, 2019) and Tuesday Evenings: Films, the Modern’s education department had an open call for video works, Intermediate. Submissions to Intermediate interpreted the work and inquiries of Bas Jan Ader, Chris Burden, and Jack Goldstein as they intersect with the exploration of nonnarrative forms and the symbiotic relationship between performance art and documentation. Selected works were curated by the Modern's education department into a special screening that launched the Tuesday Evenings: Films  summer programming on June 11, 2019.


“I really like the idea of banality and repetition being used to generate the image, which are simple and unobstructed and not captivated by composition.” Doug Aitken

In conjunction with Doug Aitken: Electric Earth (May 28–August 20, 2017), the Modern’s education department compiled image, text, video, sound, and interactive content into a multimedia PDF hinging on the conceptualization of the American Frontier and its transience into the 21st century. Selected work has been curated into a nonnarrative format in response to Aitken’s creation and disruption of narratives through editing and content.


The education department of the Modern organized an interpretation of Doug Aitken’s Electric Earth by artists Bruce Blay, Gregory Ruppe + Danny Skinner on August 13, 2017.