Using space from Clear Channel Outdoor as programming sites, Assistant Curators of Education Jesse Morgan Barnett and Tiffany Wolf Smith work with artists to situate imagery and text onto billboards, elements of the city that traditionally present commercial advertisements rather than cultural curiosities. For MODERN BILLINGS, artists place works into under-served communities along the periphery of downtown Fort Worth.

By featuring works from a variety of artists along Jacksboro Highway and the Lancaster corridor, MODERN BILLINGS extends the reach of the Modern and the Education Department into new communities. 

MODERN BILLINGS is proud to serve as a platform for artist's work despite the current isolation of the general population and institutional closures. The billboard format allows the community to view these works from vehicle windows. MODERN BILLINGS continues to build access between artists and the community outside the museum walls.


MODERN BILLINGS VIII, December 21, 2020–January 31, 2021

For the eighth iteration, Annette Lawrence is the first MODERN BILLINGS artist to share a solo presentation of images.

Annette Lawrence’s art transforms raw data into drawings, objects, and installations. The data accounts for and measures everyday life. Her subjects of inquiry range from body cycles to ancestor portraits, music lessons, unsolicited mail, and journal-keeping. She addresses questions of text as image, and the relationship between text and code. Her work is grounded in examining what counts, how it is counted, and who is counting. Her process is one of making and unmaking, looking, and waiting. She recognizes things that go unannounced, remain steady and continuous, are unremarkable on the surface, and develop meaning over time.

I’ve always been intrigued by the sheer size of billboards. As a child, the larger-than-life scale of New York subway advertisements and the overwhelming bombardment of Times Square billboards made a lasting impression. The billboards along Texas highways play a strong horizontal counterpoint to the verticality of my earliest visual influences. 

In selecting images for MODERN BILLINGS, I strove for quiet in order to stand out against the noise. The images of open journals offer an understated moment for busy travelers, something for those with sensibilities not often rewarded by billboards. Stacks of open journals at the scale of billboards hold a larger-than-life-size hint at introspection, a paradox. –Annette Lawrence

Annette Lawrence

Mar. 17-24 04
1316 Jacksboro Hwy 76114

Annette Lawrence

Aug 1-7
3800 E Lancaster Ave 76103

Annette Lawrence

Jun 28-30
2130 Jacksboro Hwy 76164

Annette Lawrence

Sept. 17-23
2810 E Lancaster Ave 76103

Annette Lawrence

May 17-23 03
2130 Jacksboro Hwy 76164

Annette Lawrence

October 23-31
3800 E Lancaster Ave 76103

MODERN BILLINGS VII, November 20 through December 20, 2020

MODERN BILLINGS VI, August 21 through September 28, 2020

MODERN BILLINGS V, Summer 2020, May through early July




MODERN BILLINGS I, November 2018