Sides of A Horn
  • April 25, 2019 - 7:00pm

Did you know that in parts of Asia, people pay a higher price for a pound of rhino horn than they would pay for a pound of gold or cocaine? Their irrational demand for a substance no different from human fingernails is fueling an ideological battle on the ground in South Africa. Many South Africans living near the country's declining rhino populations face the heart-breaking decision of living in crippling poverty OR aiding and abetting the global trade in rhino horn and other illegal wildlife products.  
Sides of A Horn, is a short film produced by Sir Richard Branson.  This film tells the story of Africa's rhino poaching war from both sides of the fence.  Join us for a Q&A afterwards with writer and director, Toby Wosskow, and CEO of African Wildlife Foundation, Kaddu Sebunya. 
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