The Deer King


Studio Ghibli alumni animators Masashi Ando and Masayuki Miyaji’s directorial debut, The Deer King, is a timely tale for a world living through COVID. Set in Aquafa, a fantasy nation conquered by the Empire of Zol, this wide-ranging story touches on many issues besides a pandemic, including ecological destruction, prejudice, science vs. ideology, and colonialism. The main story follows Van, an Aquafa prisoner who escapes from his Zol captors and rescues an orphan girl named Yuna. Both are bitten by a Black Wolf that is spreading a supernatural disease, but they miraculously survive. As the only survivors of this disease, they ultimately encounter the scientist Hossal who is working to find a cure but may not be able to recognize it when he sees it. 
R; 120 minutes 


Join us as we celebrate the Japanese anime genre -- films that are visually stunning and imaginative, with poetic stories that will pull at your heartstrings. We are excited to screen several recent releases, including the US premiere of Inu-Oh. The Modern Shop will have Japanese-inspired snacks and exclusive merchandise for purchase. 
Anime otakus will not want to miss this one-of-a-kind experience at the Modern! 

While you’re visiting, browse the galleries and view the Women Painting Women exhibition. Make plans to enjoy some delightful eats at Café Modern before the film. 

All screenings will be held in the Modern's auditorium. Tickets are $10; $8 for Modern members; and $7 for Reel People members. Cinematics who are enjoying the weekend’s entire selection of films will receive a discount for pre-purchasing all of their tickets together. Tickets go on sale Tuesday, July 19. Tickets may be purchased in advance online at or by visiting the museum’s admission desk.  

All films feature introductions by Dr. Marc Hairston, with Dr. Christine Veras joining him for the showing of Inu-Oh.
Dr. Marc Hairston, Research Scientist at University of Texas at Dallas, researches space weather using the coupled Ion Neutral Dynamic Investigation (CINDI), a satellite that studies how neutral gas motions and charged particle motions are related. Dr. Hairston is also interested in the scholarly study of anime and manga and is on the board of editors of Mechademia, the first English-language academic journal addressing these topics. He regularly teaches courses at the University of Texas at Dallas examining the themes of science fiction and fantasy in anime and manga, specifically focusing on individual anime creators such as Miyazaki, Shinkai, Hosoda, and Takahata. For the past several summers, Dr. Hairston has enjoyed bringing new classic anime films to his hometown of Fort Worth through the Modern.  
Dr. Christine Veras, Assistant Professor University of Texas at Dallas, is a scholar and artist, originally from Brazil, researching the integration of physical and digital technologies to explore the multimedia possibilities of animation. She completed her PhD at the School of Art, Design, and Media at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Dr. Veras has invented an international prize-winning and now patented animated illusion device called Silhouette Zoetrope, which is now part of the permanent collection of the Children’s Museum in Dresden, Germany, and the Swiss Science Center Technorama in Winterthur, Switzerland. 

Friday, August 12 

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Saturday, August 13

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Sunday, August 14